Terms & Refunds

Terms, Refunds and Cancellation Policy



Tractor-Shed does not participate in the sale of any equipment. All equipment is offered for sale by dealers and private individuals. Tractor-Shed does not collect any monies from buyers whatsoever or from sellers after the sale is complete. All payment arrangements must be made between the buyer and the seller. Buyers are responsible for taxes and registration in their home state. Buyers are responsible for arranging shipping and any travel or fuel costs associated with taking possession of the equipment.

Tractor-Shed does not own any equipment or function as a dealership but strictly as an advertising assistant acting on behalf of the seller of the equipment. All equipment is sold as-is and no warranties are in any way implied unless specifically stated in the equipment details.

Equipment owners are directly responsible for the price, photos, and descriptions of their equipment. Tractor-Shed will work diligently to accurately post all information provided by the seller and to make any changes in a timely fashion. A receipt containing a link to the inventory will be sent to all listing individuals and it is the responsibility of the seller to review that receipt for accuracy and contact customer service immediately to make any needed corrections. Tractor-Shed will make every effort to assist customers to market their equipment until sold. No additional fees will be assessed for equipment to remain in the Tractor-Shed equipment network other than the initial fee agreed upon between Tractor-Shed and the seller. If a seller wishes to purchase additional upgrade features, appropriate fees will be charged on a per case basis.

Tractor-Shed makes no warranties as to when, or if, any given piece of equipment will sell. As a leading For Sale By Owner marketing system,Tractor-Shed is contacted daily by persons interested in finding and purchasing a variety of equipment. While we make specific efforts to respond to that demand and pass the lead information to the seller appropriately, Tractor-Shed does not make any claims or warranties to have specific buyers available for any given equipment at any time and does not warrant or guarantee the sale of any equipment within a specified time frame.


Refund Policy

Placing online advertisement carries the inherent risk that what you are offering will not sell. Tractor-Shed cannot control buyer conduct or market conditions and makes no warranty as to when, or if, any given piece of equipment will sell. As such, Tractor-Shed maintains a no-refund policy. Ad content and photos are the sole responsibility of the seller. If errors in content are found upon review of the receipt, they should be immediately addressed before the start of our marketing efforts. Any errors found after the first 72-hours be will be corrected as soon as possible, however no errors in content will be considered grounds for violation of the no-refund policy. Cancellations will be assessed a 30% administration fee.

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